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Hot Weather


Summer is here and just as you need to keep cool, so does your computer. It has vents which allow the air to circulate inside so laptops are best used on rigid surfaces. Using your laptop in bed, resting it on the duvet or a squidgy couch can cause problems.

Your desktop PC is the same. Check the vents aren't blocked by boxes, books and shelving. If the fan starts running, this may be an indication of overheating. If the screen freezes, give us a call.

Let's Be Careful Out There


Computer security is something that concerns us all. Malware is malaicious software that can look like a harmless but clicking on its links actually downloads a programme onto your computer that will collect your personal information. You can get Malware from a seemingly fun website such as MyFunCards, CartoonYou, PopularScreensavers and others. If in doubt, ask us.

Save Money With Us

We're all feeling the pinch at the moment. But did you know we are distributors for the Utility Warehouse Discount Club through which we can reduce your bills and save you money on your shopping? It's hassle-free and there is no catch. Just ask us for some information, no obligation at all.