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Refurbished PCs For Sale


Do you know anyone who may want a PC for Christmas, but hasn't got £400+ to spend on a new one?

I may have just the solution for you.

I have a small range of refurbished desktop computers for sale, they come complete with a new keyboard and mouse and I can supply a monitor if one is required.

There are many many people out there happily using PCs that are way older than this.

I have taken them in, cleaned them up, made sure they have all traces of previous data removed, sometimes by fitting a completely new hard disk. Then I install extra memory to make them run fast, all the latest Windows security updates, the latest antivirus software and Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition, which includes Word and Excel.

They are ideal for anyone who needs to be able to browse the internet and access their email. For students, or for those with children who need to be able to get their homework done.

The PCs start at £120, with monitors from £40, so even if you add a basic printer, you are looking at a complete home computing package for less than £200. That's unbeatable value isn't it?

I have listed four models on my website and more are available, so give me a call if you would like to make someone happy this Christmas.

Thanks For The Memory...


Sometimes just a memory upgrade will do...

As time goes on your computer can seem to get slower and slower, never finally grinding to a halt, but never performing quite as well as it did when you first bought it.

I am often asked why this is, the bad news is there can be a number of causes and it's not necessarily anything to do with a virus or spyware.

As a computer ages, it starts to collect junk files, sometimes this can be due to that toolbar that installed itself without asking. Sometimes it's due to your antivirus program becoming more and more complex as the number of infections out there increases on a daily basis. Often it's due to the ever growing quantity of security updates from Microsoft. But mostly it's a combination of all the above. Much of this can be helped with a regular tune up, which I can do for you.

Obviously if your PC has suddenly slowed to a crawl, it could well be because it has been infected by malware, I can sort this out too.

But the creeping slowdown we all seem to experience often has nothing to do with an infection. In most cases a simple memory upgrade can make your PC feel like a new machine again, guess what? I can do this too. So for an additional £30 or so, you could totally change your computing/browsing/emailing experience.

You know where I am...