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Take Your Tablets


Are you considering joining the rising tide of people who are buying themselves a nice touch screen Tablet for Christmas?

If so you will no doubt have noticed an overwhelming amount of Tablets being advertised for some silly prices, I'm talking in the £80 region.

Just to be clear, the average price for an Android Tablet that will be useful and effective for email and internet browsing is between £180 and £200, there are some exceptions, but in the main this is the price you need to budget for.

The cheaper items offer compromises that are not readily apparent until you start to use them - a poor quality low resolution screen, with a clumsy touch response and a processor that can barely run Angry Birds.

I think it is fair to say that the iPad probably sits at the top of the performance scale, although it is roughly twice the price of a broadly equivalent Android Tablet.

One final thing to bear in mind, printing is sometimes interesting from a Tablet, not impossible, but it can be troublesome to set up, so please bear this in mind if printing is important to you.

Refurbished PCs

Don't forget I have a small range of refurbished desktop computers for sale, they come complete with a new keyboard and mouse and I can supply a monitor if one is required.

The PCs start at £120, with monitors from £40, so even if you add a basic printer, you are looking at a complete home computing package for less than £200. That's unbeatable value isn't it?

I have listed four models on my website and more are available, so give me a call if you would like to make someone happy this Christmas.

Laptop For Christmas?


If you have asked me about a new laptop in the past, you will know that I avoid compromising on the price of new laptops. I refuse to offer PCs with limited performance because I know that within 6 months you will be asking me why the performance is suffering, that's not good for you and it's not good for me either. This generally means that I won't offer a laptop for less than around £410, sometimes it's a little more, but generally it's about that price.

You will no doubt be aware that there are some astounding deals out there at the moment, but what I would like to do is to help you avoid purchasing end of line models which look great at the time, but don't represent good long term value.

As Christmas approaches, there are sometimes offers that I can see are good value and so for a very limited time, I am able to offer a laptop for less than £390.

It has a good specification, Windows 7, a 15.6" screen, 4GB of memory a big 500GB hard disk, a webcam and all the usual standard laptop specifications. If this is something that you are interested in, please give me a call.